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    Exploding Bacon is a 4-H Club that participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), Team 1902.  Our students strategize, design, build and program robots in a 6 week build season and compete

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    Problem Solving

    FIRST Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology and challenges students to develop solutions and change the culture to one that celebrates the innovation.

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11 years and counting…

Exploding Bacon Robotics, is a 4-H club that among other things, participates in FIRST. Our students learn engineering, computer programming, and hands-on machinery skills, as well as the problem solving, strategic thinking, time management, public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills essential in any career. The goal is to inspire and support these youth members to continue on to higher education in trade schools and STEM programs in college.

STEM Advocates

Throughout the year, Exploding Bacon students and mentors are active STEM advocates and participate in an average of 30-40 demonstrations and outreach events each year.  We provide STEM Summer Camps and have created an international STEM outreach program that provides Spark science kits with instructions for students with few resources to help them develop problem solving skills in there own communities.

Award Winning

2016 Rocket City
2015 Georgia Southern
2013 South Florida
2010 Orlando
Regional Chairman’s Awards

Exploding Bacon 1902 was also the 2013 World Championship Kamen Family Imagery Award winner, placed in the top 4 teams for the Digital Media Award in 2014 and has earned more than 50 awards over 11 seasons.

The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Game:

FIRST STRONGHOLD SMFIRST STRONGHOLD is played on a 27 ft. by 54 ft. field. Each alliance commands one tower, five defenses, and a ‘secret passage’ which allows their robots to restock on ammunition, called boulders. One defense in each alliance’s set of five, the low bar, is a permanent part of the field. Three defenses are selected strategically by the alliance prior to the start of their match. The final defense changes periodically by audience selection. Read more about the game.

 Exploding Bacon, 9 Years of Sizzle 9 years of Exploding Bacon’s robots and competitions.

Our Mission

Have fun
doing cool things
that help people.

Our Vision

Grow capable leaders
who will make a positive impact