Ultimate Ascent 2013

 Exploding Bacon’s 2013 Season in Review:
Including highlights from the build season, the Orlando Regional, the South Florida Regional and the World Championships in St. Louis.

Exploding Bacon’s 2013 robot, W-Ham-O, was built to play Ultimate Ascent. Ultimate Ascent was a game very similar Ultimate Frisbee. The ends of the field have 1 three point, high goal in the middle, 2 two point middle goals on the either side of the three point goal, and 1 one point goal low over to the side of one of the two point goals. On either side of the field there is a pyramid for each alliance, during the end game the robot climbs the pyramid.  Early on we made a decision to not climb the pyramid to the third level, in the case we may fall. OwnersManualRev2-1So we decided to only climb to the first level, allowing us to climb quickly. We decided to rely on the human intake rather than the floor pickup because of the difficulty of picking up Frisbees and the time-reward ratio being lower. Our shooter was designed to shoot three point shots consistently with two wheels on one side of the shooter to give a natural spin on the Frisbee. Our strategy was to drive under our alliance’s pyramid and shoot through the beams.

2013: Ultimate Ascent

  • World Championship, Kamen Family Imagery Award
  • South Florida Regional, Alliance Winner
  • South Florida Regional, Chairman’s Award
  • Kris Walters (2012-13 Co-President), Dean’s List, South Florida Regional
  • Orlando Regional, Creativity Award – “The Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox celebrates creative design, use of a component, or a creative or unique strategy of play. Whether you want to call it “thinking outside the box,” or pushing the envelope,” this winning team demonstrates that it has creatively gone beyond the norm in tackling this year’s game challenge.   Staying below, but always setting the bar, this team’s pneumatic design makes for high performance – particularly inside the cone of silence. As they come up for this award, say “Hi, mom!” and stand clear so that you don’t get splattered by Exploding Bacon!!!”