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FTC Nov 6-7 Weekend
« on: November 07, 2010, 08:20:00 PM »
WOW, what a great weekend!!!!!!

On Saturday, the FTC team participated in the Lyman HS Greyhound Challenge. There were 10 teams at the competition and our team was the 3rd alliance. The bot worked very well and we won the INSPIRE award. I had to work as the Lead Software Inspector so the kids were mostly in the capable hands of Debbie, Andrew and Bethany. Thanks to all the parents that helped out (Mrs Butterfield, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Philips, and Mrs Beck). Great work  Barry, Dan, and Andrew Rudolf.  The game announcing, video, and music were great.  As always, Mr Coleman had new equipment including a cliff cam. Were does he get those toys? :)

Being the first qualifier things were a little hectic, however as the day went on, things smoothed out. It appeared the students got in a rhythm and did quite well, I believe we ended up 4 wins, 2 losses. I believe the bot scored every time in autonomous. As Dan said, we liked to always be on the cliff and bridge at the end of the autonomous time period. There were a couple of samantha issues, however, Mike Nicolai, the group of FTC affiliate partners and FTC engineer from FIRST (I can't remember their names) were there to check out the problems. We were selected by the 1st alliance, however we were beaten by the robot Chris, Victoria, and Christina help build and program that morning (Team 4099 Susie Garrison from Poinciana). At the end of the qualifier, Susie talked to me and said how happy she was that her students were in the finals, and that it was due to Exploding Bacon, not only for helping them build the bot, but for helping show her students what FIRST is all about. (Don't cry Wendy).

On Sunday, we went to the "Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's Third Annual Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show Weekend". We showed off the robot to KSC visitors and met with 32 astronauts. All the astronauts were all very impressed with our students. Shea Seddon, Scott Carpenter, and Edward Gibson were my favorites, however can't forget Buzz Aldrin.

I've uploaded some pictures to the gallery... best picture attached.

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Re: FTC Nov 6-7 Weekend
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Can we copy this and send it to sponsors as an update?