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Hartford CT Regional Part 2
« on: March 28, 2009, 11:54:43 PM »
Sorry I didn't write yesterday, but it been several long days.

We got to the event bright and early, 7:30AM Friday morning. We immediately started preparing for our matches.
We still were helping other teams get some programming issues resolved before the competition.

We played 5 matches, and were 3 wins 2 losses. However, one of the matches had to be replayed because
of a field error. With the 3 and 2 record I believe we were in 17th place. After the matches we went to
team 1991 social at a School for the blind (Huh). The campus was amazing. They had two rooms one for video
games (rock band, ddr, halo, etc) and dancing with loud music. We spoke with the mentors from team 731.
They were great. We got back to the hotel about 10:30.

After that, we did our scouting with Ennio, Jamison, Skyler, Catherine, and Matt. We narrowed the field to
our best fit robots and I called it a night about 12:30.

We were at the venue again at 7:30AM today, and took a group picture on the staircase of the Convention Center.
Again, Mike has all these pictures and I'm sure he will be posting them soon. They had to replay 4 matches
from the previous day, we replayed our match and lost by I think less than 10 points. You can look up the scores
on the First website. Our real first match of the day was against GUS, they were opposite of us, and during
autonomous, rammed us and broke our intake roller and bent our frame. Luckly we used the rental cars jack to
straighten our the frame, and the mechanical team had built a backup roller to bring with us.
We gave GUS the broken roller as a gift Smiley.

The ATC and camera tracking system were working great (Thanks Mark, Skyler, Mike, and Ryan B Smiley) We got a lot
of complements for our ATC and camera tracking.

I don't remember what record we ended up with, but one team came by and said that we were
the only bot that has been able to push them around.

At alliance selection, we were selected by teams 126 and 1155. These are teams that were on our selection
list from the night before. Matt and Catherine called it great.

The first round, I believe, was our toughest, we tied the first match, went 1 and 1, and in the tie breaker
we won. In the semi-finals one of the other teams robots had issues and did not run. During these rounds
Jamison was very accurate as human player, and I believe scored a decisive super cell at the end of one of the
matches. He was awesome!!! The human player from team 177 was amazing, I don't think he ever missed.

I believe that at the finals is were we shined. Skyler, Ennio, Matt and teams 126 and 1155 devised a great strategy,
pin team 175 BUZZ Robotics and don't let them score, BUZZ was a great bot, that could dump very well and were very
fast. Once they pinned 175, from the stands you could see Ennio pushing the joysticks as if to plow them over.
Skyler tracked the trailer and filled it with the pre-loaded cells and they just kept pinning them, not allowing them
to move. We won in two matches. Jamison later said he saw tread marks where 175 was trying to escape.

After award ceremonies, and collecting our voices, in typical Bacon fashion we were the last team to leave the pits.
We then went to a small restaurant and had dinner, the kids were on cloud nine. I still can see the smile on
Matt's and Mike Walkers faces. I don't think they will take their medals off.

Also, the people here in CT were great, I think during the finals we had more than half the crowd shouting
OINK OINK BOOM. Teams GUS and Bionic Tigers cheered with us in the finals, Team Paragon (Best cheerers overall)
were cheering for us on the other side of the field, i can't remember the name of the team on the other side of the
field but they were at the top of the bleachers spelling out "(love) BACON!" Thank you CT for a great regional.

I just want to say how proud I am of everyone, the kids and parents in the stands, yelling, screaming, losing
their voice. To the mechanical team, that includes all the kids from 1251 and 408, job well done. To the programming team,
the ATC and camera tracking set us apart, and the students, mentors, and parents that made this season
a success, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard efforts and dedication.


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Dennis Christin

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Re: Hartford CT Regional Part 2
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2009, 12:03:29 AM »
I was on the edge of my computer chair (even managing to almost fall off) watching the Eliminations on the webcast. Great job everyone, I hope everyone had tons of fun. I wish i could of been there.