Super bacon!
Our mentors come from a variety of professions joining together to help inspire and teach students.

Elise Cronin-Hurley
Chair/Team Lead
Chairman’s & Imagery
Web & Graphics Designer

Amanda Little
Vice-Chair/NEMO Lead
A Little Bit of Everything!

Zach Cronin-Hurley
Robot Mentor
Board Member
Mechanical Engineer, GRD Innovations

Kelly S
Team Photographer
Oakley Signs & Graphics

Alexis Bishop
Mechanical Mentor
Mechanical Engineering student, UCF
GRD Innovations

Tyler Felsted
Mechanical Mentor

Skyler Crews
Chairman’s & Mechanical Mentor
Mechanical Engineering student, UCF

More Coming Soon

Where our mentors work:

  • mentoringLockheed Martin
  • Comcast NBC Universal
  • Walt Disney World
  • GRD Innovations
  • Microsoft
  • Oakley Signs & Graphics


With a little help from our friends:  Bacon is grateful to have had help from a variety of teams in the development of some of our mentors.

  • 0409807184025Shark Attack (744)
  • S.P.A.M. (180)
  • The Pink Team (233)
  • SigmaC@ts (108)
  • MOE (365)
  • Tech Tigers (1251)
  • Bananas (945)
  • The Martians (494)

Current Full Circle Bacon Mentors:  These mentors were originally students on the team.

  • Skyler-mentoring-2012Phillip
  • Alex
  • Dominic
  • Tyler
  • Sarah
  • Skylar
  • Zach
  • James